For the Love of Paper & Pencil Co

For the Love of Paper & Pencil Co

Gen Sohr of Paper + Pencil Co.


I really don't know how I found Paper + Pencil Co. All I know is that it was an instant love affair. Literally, I feel like they just don't miss. I started following Gen Sohr, Southern lifestyle tastemaker, in 2018 and she has been such a big inspiration to me. I love her love of color and pattern, her style edits, her home edits, art, travel....I haven't really found a tastemaker before that I loved literally everything. Ok, I'm sounding obsessed. Maybe??

As a teacher, I think one of things I really appreciate is her high-low selections. She just has amazing taste, so no matter where it comes from, it is well done. I have ordered pajamas, dresses, shoes, art all on Gen's recommendation. She has picks from H&M, Target, Walmart, J Crew...along with my favorite designers Hunter Bell, Tory Burch, Ulla Johnson....


Watercolor of a Stylish Female

I recently listened to a few podcasts that she was on. It was so inspiring hearing how she got her start. We both have FSU in common! We really love how she has championed other women's businesses and her Creative Club concept. Our friend Tessa recently went to a Creative Club gathering and had an amazing experience meeting other women and hearing their stories. Tessa came back so inspired and knowing the inspiration we felt for a community, we started the Gathering.
On a whim, I reached out to Paper + Pencil Co. late in 2021. I thought, why not? When I heard back from them I was in shock.


Happy Mail Box Images
So a whim became an amazing opportunity to collaborate with them and we are so excited to announce that we are included in the new March Happy Mail Box over on the P+P Creative Club site. This is a delightful mix of curated items, picked by Gen, that gets delivered to your door. If you register by March 18th, you will get a Happy Mail box that includes the KM Studio "Everything Cards" and Place Cards, a pattern that relies heavily on our brand with inspiration from P+P. We are in the Happy Box with some other really amazing brands. And...we heard Gen is using our everything cards for a little soiree that she is throwing at her new atelier! We cannot wait to see that!

So Gen, the love continues! Thanks for being such an inspiration to us and championing small businesses, like ours!